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Before you email us, YES we accept guest posts.  But most of you aren’t interested in that, you just want a link, right?  Well thats too time consuming for me to spend my time providing you a link in my content.

You can spend that time and get a link using this site.  It’s free, and it is syndicated using RSS feeds across other sites.  So … a win win!  Now let’s make sure what you submit is decent. enough.

Before Submitting:

You will need an account here, but the profile offers another backlink opportunity.  Upon registering, you must verify your email address.  You will not be able to do much else until you have done so.

While Submitting:

You should be submitting your own work.  The images you are submitting should belong to you.  By submitting you are granting us and anyone syndicating from this site a license to display your content without royalties.

Your Guest Post Should…

  1. If it has more than 1 link in it and you’ve never submitted before your post will be held for review.  Please expect 7 days.
  2. Your article should have no more than 1 link per 500 words.
  3. Articles may be of at least 500 words to 4000 words, with 1500 words preferred.
  4. You need to use proper headings.
  5. It should be your final copy and not need editing.
  6. Your content should be in english
  7. Your content should fall under one or more of the categories provided.
Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!